Base Oil


Al Tamam , Sharjah, UAE is also supplier of Base Oil SN 150 , SN 500 , SN 500 Group 2 , SN 150 Group 3, Bright stock Base Oil BS 150 , BS500 in Asian countries like India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Nepal , Myanmar , Sri Lanka ,African Countries like South Africa , West Africa , East Africa including Central Africa and countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Algeria, Chad, Mali, Ghana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Durban, Dares Salaam, Guinea, Mauritania, Angola, Morocco.

Having existence in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates which is trading hub for high quality base oil, we procures Base oil from oil rich OPEC Countries and testifies and certifies base oil specifications .Base Oil physical characteristics and Specifications are tested in laboratory using most modern instruments which are well calibrated and meet international ASTM Standards.Al Tamam Base Oil is offered for export at most competitive rates for all over world in Flexitanks, drums and IBC tanks.


Used oil recycling happens with various methods such as distillation method, acidic method (sulfuric acid), non-acidic method (alkaline – bentonite or dye), centrifugation, and hydrogenation.
First, recyclers purchase burnt oils are from places such as mechanics and the oil changers. Then, they store them in the factory and begin the refining stages.
There are often some contaminations, e.g. water, diesel, heavy metal shavings in the purchased oil, which are separated at first. Steel producers use these metals as scrap feed.
In simple terms, gear oil recycling includes several steps as below.

  • Separating water and solid particles by sedimentation
  • Sulfuric acid reaction to remove grease, gum
  • Alkaline reaction to neutralize the acid
  • Rinse with water to remove soap
  • Simple distillation to remove moisture and volatile oil
  • Decolorizing and absorbing impurities by using clay
  • Filtering to remove the clay and other solid particles
  • Hydrogenation to improve color
  • Blending to specific features

According to Section 279, various terms related to the process and management of oils and hazardous burnt oils are determined. The waste of used oil refineries is also recyclable; for example, it is consumable in the industries of bitumen, paraffin wax, and mineral pumice.

Distilled Recycled Base Oil SN 150

The main advantage of our recycled base oil is the color of this lubricant will not change during a long time and it is stable. This color stability of our recycled base oil has made it too popular in the market, because it shows its high quality. Besides the color stability, in the following there exist other reasons that Al Tamam supplies distilled recycled base oil:

  • It has less environmental side effects
  • It is cost effective
  • This method is done faster than other methods
  • Its flash point is in a suitable range (more than 180 ℃)
  • It has high Viscosity