Petrochemical and petroleum products are the second-level products being derived from crude oil after several refining processes. Crude oil is the basic component to produce all petrochemical and petroleum components after a long process of refinement in oil refineries. The major hydrocarbon products produced from petroleum by refining are: liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, lubricating oil, and paraffin wax.

On the basis of chemical structure, petrochemicals are categorized into three categories of petrochemical products: olefins, aromatics, and synthesis gas.

Such as ethylene (CH2=CH2) and propylene (CH3CH=CH2), which are important sources of industrial chemicals and plastics; butadiene (CH2=CHCH=CH2) is used in making synthetic rubber.

Such as benzene, toluene, and xylenes, which have a variety of uses – benzene is a raw material for dyes and synthetic detergents, and benzene and toluene for isocyanates, while xylenes are used in making plastics and synthetic fibers.

Synthesis gas:
A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen that is sent to a Fischer–Tropsch reactor to produce gasoline-range and diesel-range hydrocarbon as well as methanol and dimethyl ether.

We trade with following products in this category

  • Xylene
  • Mix Xylene (Isomer grade)
  • Methanol
  • Urea Technical Grade

Products are offered in Drums, ISO Tanks and Containerized cargo.