Hydrocarbons Solvents

Hydrocarbon solvents are compounds that are non-aromatic or aliphatic. Hydrocarbon solvents have no benzene ring structure in their chemical composition. They are simply mixtures of saturated, long straight chains (normal paraffins), branched chains.

Hydrocarbon solvents are produced during the crude distillation processes in an oil refinery when the proper boiling point range fraction is reached, after which they are treated to improve their odor and color.
Hydrocarbon solvents are also known as aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents or aliphatic solvents.

Our medium range Hydrocarbon solvents are White Spirit, Super Kerosene Oil and Kerosene Oil while Light Hydrocarbon Solvents are light Naphtha, Special Building Point Solvent and Rubber Solvents.

We do supply these products in Bulk, ISO tanks, Flexitanks and Drums